Chill With Lil - by Sue Pickford / Cheung

Chill With Lil - by Sue Pickford / Cheung

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Chill With Lil

Written & Illustrated by Sue Pickford with a special Signed Bookplate!

Mindfulness and relaxation guide for kids to help especially at bedtime...

Jake wants to stay up and play with his toys, even though he feels tired. Mum tries to get him to put on his pyjamas and brush his teeth, but he just doesn't want to!

Then one evening Auntie Lil comes round. Auntie Lil knows how to chill. She uses mindfulness to take Jake on a relaxing journey to the beach. Afterwards, Jake feels so calm and relaxed that he can't wait to snuggle up in bed and go to sleep.

Written by Sue Pickford, a qualified meditation guide, this book includes a beginners mindfulness exercise using breathing techniques and guided visualisation. Just follow the simple steps to help prepare your child for a more peaceful bedtime routine.

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