The Daily Joker - Signed Copy, written by Gareth P. Jones & Rachel Delahaye, Illustrated by Nigel Parkinson 9781848127890

The Daily Joker - Signed by Gareth P. Jones

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The Daily Joker - Signed Copy

Written by Gareth P. Jones & Rachel Delahaye, Illustrated by Nigel Parkinson

Gareth P. Jones has been at it again! He and Rachel Delahaye have written The Daily Joker a joke book aimed at 6-10 year olds illustrated throughout by Beano Legend Nigel Parkinson.

Welcome to THE DAILY JOKER: with a belly-wobbling joke for every day of the year, and joking tips and challenges aplenty, this is the year you'll become the funniest version of you possible! Think of this joke book as a map allowing you to sail the seven sillies, plot a course to Hilarity Island, steer clear of the rocks of stony silence, surf the waves of laughter and dig up comedy gold.

NOTE: Please keep THE DAILY JOKER somewhere safe. Maybe you can keep it on a shelf.  Sort of like a shelf-help book. Or in a sock drawer, since you'll be laughing yours off. Or inside your pillow. You know, just in case! Wherever you keep it, you'll need to open it every day to read your daily joke.

And we guarantee that if you read one joke a day and complete one challenge a week, you will become the joker of all jokers!

Plus, you just might learn a useful thing or two along the way:

English - Learn to think about homonyms and sentence structure whilst learning to write your own jokes

History - Tick off historical landmarks as you whizz through the 'On this Day' section

Maths - Learn just WHY 7 ate 9....

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