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It's here! Inauguration Day! 
Enlightenment in the USA!

The future's looking rather bright 
(Though we know the money's still awful tight)

So say hello to Kamala and Joe 
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To celebrate the future Prez 
Then get on the march with #SofiaValdez!

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Push back the hordes of gun toting maniacs  
With stories of artists, activists, brainiacs

In a class of their own with no serious rival 
They're bringing about a reading revival!

With rhyme filled narratives and connections most lateral 
They're piling on pages of joy filled collateral

Come join with us now in a Valdezian vision 
Where right beats back might with poetic precision

Jump up and down, turn it up, sing it out! 
Reason and rhyme reduce raging and rout

Ignorance, forming friends from old foes 
Showing tyrants they're just toddlers on a tantrum's tiptoes

(Between you and me I'd rather display 
A story to share, a poem, a play!)

And be done with divisiveness, sturm, drang and strop 
I don't want to swap tears for a failed photo op

Rings full of roses, not circles of steel! 
Pictures and paintings, a foreshadowed reveal...

Of all that we can be,

Of all that we're worth

With children as teachers

And guardians of Earth!

– Pea Green Poetry