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- by Holly Rivers

Book Tour: from 14th February 2020...

Audiences: 150+ Y3-6*

Chicken House Celebrates 20th Anniversary with New Mid-Grade Mystery Series from Holly Rivers!

About the Book: click here

About the Event: Spectre Summoning School Assembly

Holly Rivers, who played Drusilla Paddock in ITV’s original Worst Witch series, has lots of experience working with children through the drama and bushcraft workshops she runs. 

Holly presents a fun,  interactive session with plenty of spooky props and supernatural curiosities, where participants are introduced to the book and learn how to become a Spectre Detector!

The audience will collectively summon a spectre through setting up a crucible, choosing the correct Ingredients of Awakening, and chanting a summoning incantation from The Grimoire of the Dead!

Holly will also discuss how to she created her characters, look at the themes in the book and provide plenty of inspiration to get the children writing themselves. There will also be a short reading and Q&A followed by book sale & signing.

  • Tenacious female STEM character Demelza loves making her inventions, much like Holly did as a child.
  • Alongside the action, themes of death and the afterlife are handled with a light touch.
  • Perfect for fans of Lockwood & Co and Skulduggery Pleasant but with a fresh, funny twist.
  • Jacket illustrated by Alex T. Smith, creator of the bestselling Claude series.

*Would you like to host an event? See qualifying criteria below for details...

Audience Requirement: For each assembly, 150+ students in Years 3 - 6.
The more the merrier, so please consider inviting neighbouring schools to join!

When: Dates available upon request from 14 February onward. We can accommodate 1 morning and 1 afternoon slot each day, visiting up to two schools in a given area.

Book Signing: Sufficient time must be allocated to allow for the Assembly and Q&A (45 mins - 1 hr) and subsequent Book Signing (minimum 30 mins.) 

Please note that book signing should not coincide with scheduled breaks.  (Children and teachers all need their down time, after all!)

Book Sales and Advance Promotion: required from participating schools (see Book Supply)

Book Supply: Pea Green Boat Books will accompany author and supply all books for sale & signing. We will also supply Letters Home, Posters and online pre-ordering to minimise school admin. (See more about our events here.)

Fee and Travel Expenses: Waived! but very good promotion of book sales is expected from participating schools

Technical Requirements:  PowerPoint facilities with clicker, hands-free microphone 

Request to host an event: Click HERE to register your interest!

Full of warmth, eccentricity, humour and plenty of action, DEMELZA & THE SPECTRE DETECTORS is the debut novel from the multi-talented Holly Rivers, who played Drusilla Paddock in ITV’s original Worst Witch series.

DEMELZA & THE SPECTRE DETECTORSS is the first book in this lead series for Chicken House – taking centre stage in the 20th anniversary celebrations next year and a highlight at book fairs and beyond. 

About the Author:  HOLLY RIVERS grew up in Wales and speaks fluent Welsh and English. As a child she spent a lot of time drawing, reading and wishing that she was Pippi Longstocking. Holly used to be an actress, most notably playing Drusilla Paddock in ITV’s original Worst Witch series. Her days are now spent penning new stories, travelling and falling in love with Cuba and Mexico, as well as leading drama, craft and bushcraft classes for children. She lives in London with her girlfriend. Follow her on Twitter: @HollyRivers_Lit