After Atlas - Signed Copy, by Emma Newman

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After Atlas - Signed Copy, by Emma Newman 

Shortlisted for the Arthur C. Clarke Award 2017

“The novels on our shortlist this year are fascinatingly diverse, deeply imaginative and a great tribute to the memory of Sir Arthur himself as we celebrate the centenary year of his birth in 2017.”

Acclaimed author Emma Newman returns to the captivating universe she created in Planetfall with a stunning science fiction mystery where one man’s murder is much more than it seems…

Gov-corp detective Carlos Moreno was only a baby when Atlas left Earth to seek truth among the stars. But in that moment, the course of Carlos’s entire life changed. Atlas is what took his mother away; what made his father lose hope; what led Alejandro Casales, leader of the religious cult known as the Circle, to his door. And now, on the eve of the fortieth anniversary of Atlas’s departure, it’s got something to do why Casales was found dead in his hotel room—and why Carlos is the man in charge of the investigation.

To figure out who killed one of the most powerful men on Earth, Carlos is supposed to put aside his personal history. But the deeper he delves into the case, the more he realizes that escaping the past is not so easy. There’s more to Casales’s death than meets the eye, and something much more sinister to the legacy of Atlas than anyone realizes…

Readership: Adult

What other people have said about After Atlas

Publisher’s Weekly gave it a starred review and have listed it in their best books of 2016.

Starburst Magazine gave it 10/10 stars and said “Expect to see this book on various award shortlists in 2017. It’s that good.”

And Barnes and Noble said it’s “painfully good Sci-fi”

Featured at the Fairford Festival of Fiction - 3 June 2017

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