Unexpected Twist! An Oliver Twisted Tale-9781407188560

Unexpected Twist! An Oliver Twisted Tale - by Michael Rosen

  • £6.99

Unexpected Twist! An Oliver Twisted Tale 
Written by Michael Rosen
Illustrated by Tony Ross

Double the trouble! An original novel by Michael Rosen, told alongside the Dickens classic that inspired it: Oliver Twist.

Shona and her dad are moving house, and at Shona's new school, the rules are pretty confusing; she keeps getting into trouble without realizing! It's a lot like how it is for Oliver Twist, that boy she's reading about in English class. After Shona is unexpectedly given a mobile phone, she begins to suspect there's something fishy about the new boys she's met.

Where did the phone come from? And some gifts, she soon learns, aren't exactly free... Read two stories at once - both illustrated by Tony Ross.

Author: Rosen, Michael
Binding: Paperback
Imprint: Scholastic
Series: N/A
Publisher: Scholastic
Published: 06/09/2018
Pagination: 320 pages
Classification: Fiction & related items
Country of Publication: United Kingdom
Fiction Illustrated Mid-Grade Paperback