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Roy of the Rovers 3 : Playoffs - by Tom Palmer

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Roy of the Rovers 3 : Playoffs
Written by Tom Palmer
Illustrated by Lisa Henke

Third in a new series of tekkers-tastic Roy of the Rovers novels! Read alone, or alongside the new Roy of the Rovers comics! The journey begins here!

The end of the season is here, and it's make or break for Roy Race and Melchester Rovers. Against all odds, Roy and his teammates are closer to getting Rovers promoted. However, if they fail to reach League One, then Rovers' owner Barry Cleaver plans to sell up, destroying Melchester Rovers for good! Now it's crunch time: either Rovers make it through to the play-off finals, or it's over - for the club, for the fans, and for Roy...

"It has everything a football fan needs" - Books for Topics
"Football-lovers will love the description of on-pitch action" - That Boy Can Teach
"It captures the feel of playing and having a passion for football" - Comic Scene Magazine

Author: Palmer, Tom, Henke, Lisa
Binding: Paperback
Imprint: Rebellion
Series: N/A
Publisher: Rebellion
Published: 02/05/2019
Pagination: 160 pages, b&w illustrations
Classification: Children's, young adult & educational
Country of Publication: United Kingdom

Fiction Illustrated Mid-Grade Paperback Series