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Small Change for Stuart - by Lissa Evans

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Small Change for Stuart - by Lissa Evans

Stuart Horten, ten years old and small for his age, is about to have the strangest ADVENTURE of his life.

After moving to the boring town of Beeton, he finds himself swept up in an INCREDIBLE QUEST to find his great-uncle's lost legacy: a magician's workshop stuffed with trickery and MAGIC.

There are clues to follow, unbearable neighbours to avoid and PUZZLES to solve, but what starts as FUN ends up as DANGER, and Stuart begins to realise that he can't finish the task on his own...

Author: Evans, Lissa
Binding: Paperback
Imprint: David Fickling Books
Series: N/A
Publisher: David Fickling Books
Published: 06/06/2019
Pagination: 288 pages
Classification: Children's, young adult & educational
Country of Publication: United Kingdom

Fiction Mid-Grade Paperback Signed Bookplate Edition Younger Readers