The Lamb Who Came for Dinner Book & CD-9781848698659

The Lamb Who Came for Dinner Book & CD - Signed Bookplate Edition by Steve Smallman

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The Lamb Who Came for Dinner Book & CD
Written by Steve Smallman
Illustrated by Joelle Dreidemy

With a special Signed Bookplate from Steve Smallman!

When a hungry old wolf gets an unexpected visit from a little lamb, he starts planning a delicious lamb hotpot. But the lamb doesn't want to be the wolf's dinner, she wants to be his friend...

The CD contains witty narration plus original music and sound effects, and page-turning prompts for learner readers to join in!


Author: Smallman, Steve, Dreidemy, Joelle, Crace, Anna
Binding: Other
Imprint: Little Tiger Press
Series: The Lamb Who Came For Dinner
Publisher: Little Tiger Press Group
Published: 12/07/2018
Pagination: 32 pages
Classification: Reading age: from c 3 years
Country of Publication: United Kingdom

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