Batman: The Long Halloween - by Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale

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Batman: The Long Halloween - by Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale

Created by the Eisner Award-winning team of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale (authors of SUPERMAN FOR ALL SEASONS, CATWOMAN: WHEN IN ROME, and BATMAN: HAUNTED KNIGHT), this compelling look into the Dark Knight's early career features some of the most deadly and cunning members of Batman's rogues gallery and a dramatic retelling of the tragic villain Two-Face.

This new edition of the classic mystery involves a killer who strikes only on holidays. Working with Harvey Dent and Lieutenant Gordon, Batman races to discover who Holiday is!  Collected from the original 13-issue series!

Also included are four story pages cut from the original series, which are presented fully coloured and restored to their place in the story.  Also featured are sketches and an introduction by the firector and writer of The Dark Knight Rises, Christopher Nolan and David Goyer.

DC Comics | Paperback, 384 pages

Adult Fiction Graphic Novel / Manga Illustrated Paperback Teen & Young Adult