Beyond the Wall - by Tanya Landman

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Beyond the Wall - by Tanya Landman

From the Author of Buffalo SoldierWinner of the Carnegie Medal 2015

The is the story of a runaway slave girl and her dangerous journey through the murky underworld of Roman Britain.  It is a heart-stopping tale of love, corruption and the power of choice.

Blood on her lips. Blood on her tongue. Blood that is not her own. Cassia does not fear to die, but for her - for a slave who has maimed her master - there are worse things than death. Yet the mighty Roman Empire has its limits.

Beyond her master's estate, beyond the river, far to the north stands Hadrian's Wall. And beyond the wall? Freedom. With dogs on her trail and a bounty on her head the journey seems impossible.

But then Cassia meets Marcus - slick, slippery, silver-tongued - a true and perfect son of Rome. And her only hope.

Ages 13+

Fiction Paperback Teen & Young Adult