Boy X - Signed Copy, by Dan Smith

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Boy X - Signed Copy, by Dan Smith 

Winner of the Essex Book Award 2017
Winner of the Phoenix Book Award 2017
Winner of the Coventry Inspiration Book Award 2017
Shortlisted for RED Book Award 2018

Kidnapped and drugged, Ash wakes up on a remote tropical island. His mum – a genetic scientist – has been imprisoned and infected with a deadly virus.

Where is he, and what’s he doing there? He sets out to cross the jungle to find out and rescue his mother. Soon he realises he’s quicker and sharper than before.

But there’s something else ... why are the animals watching him, and how can he use the jungle to his advantage?

‘This fast-paced adventure features both a reluctant hero and an intelligent and capable heroine ... there are few lulls in this high- stakes race. Intense captivating, and distinctive.’ -- KIRKUS (USA)

Adventure / Mystery / Thriller 10+

Fiction Mid-Grade Paperback Signed Copy