SHORTLISTED: Elsetime - by Eve McDonnell

SHORTLISTED: Elsetime - by Eve McDonnell

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Elsetime - by Eve McDonnell

"Magical and original.' The characters are splendidly drawn. A remarkable debut which features a brilliant and surprising ending.' Irish Examiner.-Rich with historical detail, evocative-classic in tone and original in vision."
– The Irish Times

A thrilling time-slip story set in 1864 and 1928, the plot driven by the great Thames flood of 1928. In 1864 lives Needle who earns a precarious living by schmocking —digging in the Thames mud banks for buried titbits of treasure. When he touches a new found object, Needle gets a physical sense of its age and importance: if it is cold it is from the past, and if warm then it is from the future. Each piece speaks to Needle and tells its own intriguing story.

Connecting the two eras is a mysterious crow with magpie tendencies and when Needle accidentally discovers the portal that the crow uses he finds himself face to face with Glory. He is amazed and frightened by the changes he sees. His house no longer exists and electric bulbs do not contain candles. 

Awesome Book Awards 2022 Fiction Mid-Grade Paperback