Fizzlebert Stump 2: and the Bearded Boy - by A.F. Harrold

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Fizzlebert Stump 2: and the Bearded Boy

Written by A.F. Harrold,
Illustrated by Sarah Horne

Fizzlebert Stump's second adventure. The bearded Barboozul family are the new stars of Fizz's circus. Their act is full of magic, mystery, fear and fun.

And it's nice to have another boy around, even if he is a bit...hairy round the chin. But then things start going wrong. The lion loses his dentures.

The clowns lose their noses. The Ringmaster loses his temper. And the circus is about to lose its licence.

Is the bearded boy to blame? Can Fizz save the day?

Brilliantly bonkers and perfect for fans of Mr Gum and Lemony Snicket.

Fiction Illustrated Mid-Grade Paperback Series Younger Readers