Horrible Science: Nasty Nature - by Nick Arnold

  • £5.99

Horrible Science: Nasty Nature

Written by Nick Arnold, with signed bookplate
Illustrated by Tony de Saulles

All the animals in HORRIBLE SCIENCE: NASTY NATURE are the deadliest, most disgusting and nastiest things that nature has to offer! 

So only read on if you’re ready to find out:

  • how vampire bats slurp blood
  • what a singing gorilla sounds like
  • which sickening snake will kill you quickest
  • how to speak awful animal language
  • which frog lives in a toilet cistern
  • how to dodge a man-eating tiger
  • which Japanese fish dish can kill you

Hungry hunters on the prowl. Creepy creatures lurking. Death on the dinner plate. Yes – it’s murder out there!

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