Horrible Science: Painful Poison - by Nick Arnold

  • £5.99

Horrible Science: Painful Poison

Written by Nick Arnold, with signed bookplate
Illustrated by Tony de Saulles

Get ready for a deadly dose of excitement with the petrifying PAINFUL POISON. It's bubbling with killer substances that are strictly not for the nervous - and will have all kinds of evil effects on you. Vicious, venomous beasties. Scary snakes. Cruel chemicals. Gruesome gases. You’ll need guts to take it in!

Read on if you dare to discover:

  • how to turn your brother or sister into a zombie slave
  • the horrifying secret of the vile vomit goblet
  • how sinister strychnine makes you die laughing
  • why you are breathing poison right now!

Swallow a yummy spoonful of Painful Poison. You’ll be dying to learn more!

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