I, Coriander - Signed Copy, by Sally Gardner

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I, Coriander - Signed Copy, by Sally Gardner

Winner of the Smarties’ Children’s Book Prize 2005

A glorious novel set in parallel worlds of seventeenth-century Cromwellian London and in the fairy world. It tells the story of Coriander, daughter of a silk merchant, left with her stepmother and a fundamentalist Puritan preacher. When Coriander is shut away in a chest and left to die, she emerges in the fairy world where time has no meaning.

This is a book filled with enchantments -- a pair of silver shoes, a fairy shadow, a prince transformed into a fox - that contrast with the heartbreaking loss and cruelty of Coriander's life in the real world. With its brilliantly realised setting of old London Bridge, and underpinned by the conflict between Royalists and Puritans, it is a terrific page turner, involving kidnapping, murder and romance, and an abundance of vivid characters.  Historical fiction at its best!

Fiction Mid-Grade Paperback Signed Copy