Indian Magic - by Balraj Khanna

Indian Magic - by Balraj Khanna

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Indian Magic - by Balraj Khanna

Packed with adventure and humour, endlessly entertaining, INDIAN MAGIC is a slice of 1960s life, served with a twist of lemon by our likeable hero, Ravi Mehra.

When Ravi Kumar Mehra MA steps off the train at Victoria station, London in the autumn of 1962, he is fully equipped with the all-important work permit and five pounds in his pocket.  A brave new life lies ahead! He's 23, educated, good-looking – a real Star of India.  What can possibly stand in his way?

'Khanna is holding up a mirror which reflects a declining England, a country on the wane, mired in its own history.  The prose is spare and sparkles on the page as one might expect from a man included in the hundred top novelists of the 20th century.  There is the energy of the subcontinent and the new India in this book' – Paul Pickering

'Witty and profound, Balraj Khanna paints a brilliant portrait of an immigrant's life: his ambitions, obstacles, hopes and dreams and in the process sends a universal message about self discovery that transcends borders.' – Debbie Jacob, Trinidad Guardian

'The young Mehra's story reminds me of Tom Jones and Lucky Jim. Brilliant! – Reginald Massey

Readership: Young Adult - Adult

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