(NEW!) Isabelle & The Crooks - Signed & Illustrated by Chris Mould

(NEW!) Isabelle & The Crooks - Signed & Illustrated by Chris Mould

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Isabelle & The Crooks

Written by Michelle Robinson
Signed & Illustrated by Chris Mould

They are sneaky. They are stealthy. They are cunning...They're the CROOKS!

Isabelle Crook is a very good little girl, who would never dream of breaking the law. Her family, on the other hand, are the stealthiest, most cunning burglars around! Can Isabelle ever feel like one of the gang - a true Crook - while staying true to herself? Irreverent and adventurous, this picture book comedy sees everyone tip-toeing about at night, and is brought to life by Chris Mould's expressive, gloriously detailed illustrations.


Chris Mould is an award-winning illustrator who went to art school at 16. A sublime draftsman with a penchant for the gothic, he has illustrated the gamut from picture books and young fiction, to theatre posters and satirical cartoons for national newspapers. As well as writing his own fiction, he has teamed up with author Matt Haig for the bestselling A Boy Called Christmas, A Girl Called Christmas and Father Christmas and Me. He lives in Yorkshire with his wife, has two grown-up daughters, and when he’s not drawing and writing, you’ll find him… actually, he’s never not drawing or writing.


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