(NEW) Migrants - by Issa Watanabe

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Migrants - by Issa Watanabe

Migrants is a vital and powerful wordless picture book of courage, loss and hope—the definitive story of what it takes to migrate to new lands.

With forceful simplicity, Migrants visually narrates the journey of a group of animals leaving a leafless nocturnal forest. Borders must be crossed, sacrifices made, loved ones left behind.

Watanabe takes extraordinary care to show the individuality and 'humanity' of each migrant – through the detailed patterns on their clothing, their care of each other as they set up camp, the symbol of the blue ibis showing the connection between past and future, life and death.

A perfect book to inspire empathy, contemplate diversity, and embrace universal acceptance. 

“Migrants is deeply emotional, unsentimental, dignified, respectful, beautiful. It is about courage, getting up, continuing on, starting again. It demands full emotional attention and makes us want to read it again and again.” – Julia Marshall

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