My Friend the Enemy - Signed Copy, by Dan Smith

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My Friend the Enemy - Signed Copy, by Dan Smith

Shortlisted for the Historical Association Young Quills Competition 2013
Shortlisted for the North East Book Award 2013
Shortlisted for the Tower Hamlets Book Award 2014

Summer, 1941. For Peter, the war is a long way away, being fought by a faceless enemy.

Until the night a German plane is shot down over woods that his missing dad once looked after before he went off to fight.

Peter rushes to the crash site, where he finds a young and injured German airman.

And helping him seems like the only right thing to do ...

A compassionate wartime adventure from Dan Smith.

‘Bombing raids, a crashing German plane and an encounter with a Nazi soldier – what could be more exciting?’ -- KIRKUS REVIEWS

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Fiction Mid-Grade Paperback Signed Copy