Old Macdonald Had a Zoo - Signed by Curtis Jobling

  • £6.99

Old Macdonald Had a Zoo - Written & Signed by Curtis Jobling

Illustrated by Tom McLaughlin

Roll up, roll up! Read all about it! Elderly farmer wins lottery! Old MacDonald, of MacDonald's Farm, is the talk of the cattle market and the most eligible pensioner in the paddock. With wellington boots, a jaunty flat cap and a spanking new muck-thrower topping his shopping list, lottery winner Old MacDonald has one million pounds burning a hole in his dungarees. He just needs to find the right things to spend it on...Find out what happens when Old MacDonald wins the lottery, sells his farm and buys a zoo.

And what a zoo it is...with plenty of fun antics to discover by lifting all the flaps. Old MacDonald had a zoo, ee aye, ee aye, whooooooaaaahhhhh! "Old MacDonald had a Zoo is terrific!" Lorraine Kelly

Fiction Illustrated LOCKDOWN25 Paperback Picturebook Signed Copy Younger Readers