Pug-a-Doodle-Do! - by Philip Reeve & Sarah McIntyre 9780192764041

Pug-a-Doodle-Do! - Signed by Sarah McIntyre

  • £10.00

Pug-a-Doodle-Do! - by Philip Reeve & Sarah McIntyre

Signed & Illustrated by Sarah McIntyre

A fantastically fun doodle and activity book, full of drawing and writing adventures inspired by the wacky world of Reeve and McIntyre.

In this book you will learn how to draw characters such as a pug, a sea monkey, and Pilbeam the robot; take part in a comics jam; design your own pugs with combat skills; take on many amazing doodle challenges;read the secret diaries of Colin the Crab; see what happens when a supervillain has to do the washing up; and much, much more!

Ideal for fans of Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre's fantastic fiction titles Oliver and the Seawigs, Cakes in Space, Pugs of the Frozen North, and Jinks and O'Hare Funfair Repair, and for anyone who wants inspiration for hours of creative fun!

A Reeve & McIntyre Production

Fiction Illustrated Signed Copy