Rocket & Groot Keep on Truckin' - Signed Copy, by Tom Angleberger

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Marvel Comics - Guardians of the Galaxy

Rocket & Groot Keep on Truckin' - Signed Copy, by Tom Angleberger 

An original fiction title starring Rocket and Groot from the highly popular Guardians of the Galaxy film. This middle grade novel, perfect for 8-12 year olds, follows Rocket Raccoon, his tree friend Groot and Veronica, the super intelligent tape dispenser, as they run out of gas and make an emergency landing. Unfortunately the planet they land on has self-driving cars and trucks which have changed from helpful to insane killers! The only way our heroes can save the planet will be to hijack a big rig and outdrive the central computer, Big Mama.

But she has a nearly limitless fleet of vehicles trying to stop them...This is second original Rocket and Groot novel by Tom Angleberger, creator of Origami Yoda.

Fiction Illustrated Mid-Grade Paperback Series Signed Copy