Scavenger 1: Zoid - Written by Paul Stewart, Signed & Illustrated by Chris Riddell

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Scavenger: Zoid

Written by Paul Stewart

Signed & Illustrated by Chris Riddell

Scavenger: Zoid is the first in a brilliant sci-fi adventure series from the multi-award-winning team behind The Edge Chronicles - Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell.

A spaceship the size of a city drifts through space on its century-long journey to find a new Earth. When it launched it was populated by thousands of hopeful passengers and the most technologically advanced Zoids in the world, ready to serve the crew's every need.

But that was then, and this is now. The Zoids rebelled against their masters, wiping out most of the crew in one bloody uprising. Now the few remaining humans are hunted by the Zoids like vermin.

Fourteen-year-old York is a Scavenger - he hunts Zoids and kills them by any means he can, bringing back their parts to mend the technology on which the few remaining humans rely. York has always battled to survive, but now the fate of his people is in his hands . . .

272 pages, Ages 9+

Chris Riddell Fiction Illustrated Mid-Grade Paperback Series Signed Copy