Shivers - Signed Copy, by Bali Rai

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Shivers - Signed Copy, by Bali Rai

Meeting Cassie was the best moment of Sam's life. So why has everything fallen apart since? Can he really trust her at all? Terrifying ghost story. Sam hates life on the council estate - everyone knows why he and his mum had to move there and they won't let him forget it.

When he meets the beautiful and mysterious Cassie he quickly falls head over heels. But when Sam's devotion starts to cloud his judgment and his life begins to spin out of control, he still can't seem to walk away. Will the truth about Cassie be more than he can bear?

Teen / Young Adult.  Strong content.  Suitable for reluctant, struggling and dyslexic teens (with a reading age of 8+).

BAME Authors Dyslexia Friendly Fiction Paperback Signed Copy Teen & Young Adult