STEM Quest: Fantastic Forces and Incredible Machines - by Nick Arnold

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STEM Quest: Fantastic Forces and Incredible Machines

Written by Nick Arnold

Engineering is about the magic of forces and the wonder of machines. Can you investigate how things work and become an extraordinary engineer?

Discover how to make paperclips float in air, design a skyscraper, construct a super submarine, experiment with gears and springs, and much more!

With over 30 astonishing do-at-home experiments, incredible facts and stats and cool illustrations, this amazing STEM book helps you distinguish your racks from your ratchets and your cams from your cranks.

The STEM editorial consultant is Georgette Yakman, founding researcher and creator of the integrative STEAM framework, a US education organisation.

Ages: 7+

Illustrated Mid-Grade Non-Fiction Paperback Series Signed Copy STEM