The Bolds to the Rescue (Book 2) - by Julian Clary and David Roberts

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The Bolds to the Rescue (Book 2)
Written by Julian Clary & Illustrated by David Roberts

Bookplates Specially Signed by David Roberts

More wildly funny animal madness from dream team Julian Clary and David Roberts!

The Bolds are a family of hyenas living as humans in a suburban house. But now their kindness to animal waifs and strays has become legendary, and more and more animals keep turning up to stay! Roger the sheep flocks to their house, and Fifi the poodle turns up to learn some new tricks, whilst Sheila the crocodile decides to stay for a while. But when the Bolds take in a couple of race horses who are on the run, they worry their animal magnetism is getting to be too much.

Have these hyenas bitten off more than they can chew?

Fiction Illustrated Mid-Grade Signed Copy Younger Readers