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The Crash - by Lisa Drakeford

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The Crash - by Lisa Drakeford

‘Feed me chocolate.’
‘Feed yourself.’
‘C’mon, your dad always has chocolate somewhere in this house. Find it, Sophie, and feed me. Think of it as payback. I deserve it. Who else would sit here watching Eastenders when they could be rocking it up somewhere else?’
Tye shoves her in the ribs. She’s lying next to him on the carpet; they’ve been there since eight o’clock and he’s now hit ‘pause’ on the remote. It’s always around this time that he demands snacks. It makes her smile – his propensity for sugar is unbelievable.
‘Where exactly were you going to rock it up?’
He plants a hand on her ribs to shove or tickle. She braces herself. ‘Chocolate!’
She’s enjoying it now. ‘Who exactly were you going to rock it up with?’
‘Shut up!

Best friends Sophie and Tye are watching TV when a car crashes through the living room wall. The driver and passenger are twins, Harry and Gemma. Next door neighbour, eleven-year-old Issy, witnesses the accident. In the aftermath, Tye is thrown into a coma, Gemma’s dark past begins to haunt the present, and Sophie starts to fall for Harry – but how can she, when he was the driver who nearly killed her best friend? And Issy, meanwhile, hides a terrible secret …

The second book from the author of critically acclaimed The Baby examines one cataclysmic event from multiple perspectives.

Published July 2017, by Chicken House, 352 pages. Teen / YA

Fiction Paperback Teen & Young Adult