The King's Shadow - by Philip Womack 9781909991125

The Darkening Path Book 2: The King's Shadow - by Philip Womack

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The King's Shadow - by Philip Womack

The Darkening Path Book 2

'You are the chosen ones from the other land who will come to seek their siblings and with the hunting horn and the sunsword tear the king's shadow and overthrow the Broken King.'

Simon and Flora have reached the land of the Broken King in search of their siblings. But here, nothing is quite what it seems. Who can Simon and Flora trust? What does Pike, their mysterious companion, stand to gain? As rumours of war and revolution swirl around them, and as the sinister Knight of the Swan dogs their every move, the pair must confront their terrifying final task. And if they can free their siblings, will they then be able to open the way between the worlds, and return home?

'Superbly written and totally gripping.' -- Literary Review


Fiction Mid-Grade Paperback Series Teen & Young Adult