The King's Revenge - by Philip Womack 9781909991309

The Darkening Path Book 3: The King's Revenge - by Philip Womack

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The King's Revenge - by Philip Womack

The Darkening Path Book 3

They held hands in a circle, all of them, and faced each other.  The things they had seen went unspoken between them.  A thoughtless wish had brought them here. Stolen siblings; golden messengers; shadowsnakes; burning swords; other worlds.  And all of it, all of the strange, rich, unknowable mess that was the universe, was vanishing.

The Broken King's trap has been sprung.  Nobody can pass between the three worlds, and everything is beginning to decay.  Simon and Flora now face a dangerous journey that will test them to their limits.  

They must travel to the home of the Threefold Goddess. Perils beset them on all sides. Will they be able to reach her, discover what has gone wrong and save all three worlds from dying?

The third and final installation of the Darkening Path trilogy.

'A darkly disconcerting high fantasy' -- Literary Review


Fiction Mid-Grade Paperback Series Teen & Young Adult