The Dinosaur That Pooped SERIES - Signed & Illustrated by Garry Parsons

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The Dinosaur That Pooped (SERIES)

Signed & Illustrated by Garry Parsons

Written by Tom Fletcher & Dougie Poynter

From the totally gross imaginations of bestselling authors Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter (and with disgustingly glorious artwork from Garry Parsons) the Dinosaur That Pooped series are full of laugh out loud rhymes and more poop than you can cope with!

  • Books in the series: Planet / Past / Princess / Christmas 

The Dinosaur That Pooped a Planet! (Paperback Picturebook & CD)

Read along with Tom and Dougie in this supersonic book and CD duo! Danny and Dino survived an poop-tastic Christmas and this time they take a trip into space.

One boy. One space rocket. One very hungry dinosaur. And NO sandwiches. 
The ingredients for an EXPLOSIVE space adventure . . . But just how will Danny get home when his dinosaur has eaten the rocket?

From the authors and illustrator of THE DINOSAUR THAT POOPED CHRISTMAS !

The Dinosaur That Pooped the Past! (Paperback Picturebook & CD)

Read along with Tom and Dougie as Danny and Dinosaur make history in their third adventure!

When they accidently go back through history on a time-travelling swing, Danny and Dinosaur meet some new dino friends. But soon there's a rumbling noise; it's a volcano about to erupt! Can Dinosaur save the day by pooping them back to the future?

Find out in this hysterical historical adventure from the creators of THE DINOSAUR THAT POOPED CHRISTMAS and THE DINOSAUR THAT POOPED A PLANET.

The Dinosaur That Pooped a Princess! (Paperback Picturebook)

Once upon a poop . . .

Our fearless heroes are back!

Danny and Dinosaur are convinced that a damsel in distress needs their help… the only problem is, they aren’t sure where she actually is.

So they set off through Fairy Tale Land to track her down, but things don’t go exactly to plan…

Can Dinosaur make it through Fairy Tale Land without eating everything in sight?

And do all princesses really need to be rescued?

Packed with prehistoric cheekiness, punchy girl power and, of course, lots and lots of poop!

The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas! (Paperback Picturebook)

Danny wants everything for Christmas. But what he gets is a dinosaur, a very hungry dinosaur. Danny's new dino eats up all of Christmas, but as we all know, what goes in must come out...Danny is about to have the most EXPLOSIVE Christmas of his life! There's poop, presents and prehistoric creatures in this festive feast!

A funny, rhyming story with a naughty and anarchic plot that children will love; and it's got a strong moral about the dangers of being greedy and truly appreciating the value of Christmas, so grown-ups will love it too. A naughty baby dinosaur eats Danny's whole Christmas. What's to be done? He'll have to poop it all back out again, (although it may not be quite as clean and pristine as before).
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