The Queen's Wardrobe - DOUBLE Signed 1st Edition by Julia Golding & Kate Hindley

  • £14.99

The Queen's Wardrobe 
Written by Julia Golding
Illustrated by Kate Hindley
Foreword written by Michele Clapton, Costume Designer for The Crown

1st Edition Hardback, with Bookplate DOUBLE Signed by Julia Golding & Kate Hindley

A big beautiful book to celebrate the Queen's 95th birthday in style!

The story of the life of Queen Elizabeth II, told through her clothes and jewellery - and a gorgeous gift to treasure.

Includes a foreword by Michele Clapton, costume designer for series one of Netflix's The Crown, giving a peek behind the scenes at the recreation some of the Queen's most famous outfits.

Did you know the Queen's crown weighs as much as a bag of potatoes?

Or that she has her own tartan nobody else is allowed to wear?

Written by the Waterstones Children's Book Prize-winning Julia Golding, The Queen's Wardrobe is packed with fascinating stories and astounding facts about our record-breaking Queen.

The detailed, humorous and colourful artwork from bestselling Kate Hindley shows what it's really like to grow up as a princess. This book brings to life the story of a young princess who grew into one of the world's best-loved and most famous royals, touching on wartime truck-fixing, ration-book wedding dress making, splendid gowns, trusty wellies, the Crown Jewels and jumping out of a helicopter with James Bond.

First Edition Hardback Illustrated Mid-Grade Non-Fiction Signed Bookplate Edition Younger Readers