The Train to Impossible Places - by P G Bell

  • £6.99

The Train to Impossible Places

Written by P. G. Bell
Illustrated by Flavia Sorrentino

Shortlisted for the Awesome Book Awards 2020
Shortlisted for the Waterstones Children's Book Prize 2019

"Great fun!" – Philip Reeve, author of Mortal Engines 
"Rip-roaring inventive adventure" – The Independent

When Suzy hears a strange noise in the middle of the night, she creeps downstairs to find a train roaring through her house. But this is no ordinary train. This is the magical delivery express for the Union of Impossible Places.

Whisked on board by a troll-boy, Suzy's world is turned upside down when she's asked to deliver a cursed package to a fearsome sorceress. And quite suddenly, Suzy realizes the fate of the Impossible Places is in her hands...

The adventure continues in Book 2: The Great Brain Robbery

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