Vinnie Got Blown Away - by Jeremy Cameron

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Vinnie Got Blown Away - by Jeremy Cameron

Nicky Burkett series: Book 1

Nicky Burkett finds his childhood friend Vinnie dead at the bottom of a tower block. He and his mates have a code of conduct which makes revenge inevitable. They have to find the villains - much more serious criminals than themselves - and then they have to take them on.

The result is a hilarious hybrid of Elmore Leonard and Quentin Tarantino, with dialogue that crackles off the page, unforgettable characters and an authentic sense of place.

Darkly comic, stylish and violent, Vinnie Got Blown Away offers a radical contrast from the British tradition of a murder mystery among the middle classes. It mixes without discrimination among black, white and Asian communities; it follows their speech patterns: cockney and Caribbean unite. It demonstrates the resilience in these communities, an ability to survive against all outside pressures and values.

Walthamstow is stuck on the end of the north east of London.  It is part of London but it inhabits a world of its own.

Vinnie Got Blown Away is the first of five novels by Jeremy Cameron describing the area. This first book is set partly in prison, where Nicky Burkett tells his tale and reflects on life.

It is part detective story, part thriller. 

Book 2 in the Nicky Burkett series is It Was an Accident

Readership: Young Adult - Adult 

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