White Rabbit, Red Wolf - Signed by Tom Pollock

White Rabbit, Red Wolf - Signed by Tom Pollock

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White Rabbit, Red Wolf
Signed by Tom Pollock

Winner of the Steam Prize, the Oxfordshire Book Award, the Hounslow Teen Read Awards and Beste Boek voor Jongeren (Best Book for Young Readers in translation)

Shortlisted for the YA Book Prize, the Crimefest Book Award, the Leeds, Coventry, Cheshire and Wirral Schools Book Award

Nominated for the Carnegie Medal 

"A gripping and gloriously treacherous thriller without guide ropes or safety nets. Leave all certainties by the door." – Frances Hardinge

A taut thriller about murder, maths and the mind. Peter Blankman is afraid of everything and must confront unimaginable terror when his mother is attacked.

Seventeen-year-old Peter Blankman is a maths prodigy. He also suffers from severe panic attacks. Afraid of everything, he finds solace in the orderly and logical world of mathematics and in the love of his family: his scientist mum and his tough twin sister Bel, as well as Ingrid, his only friend.

However, when his mother is found stabbed before an award ceremony and his sister is nowhere to be found, Pete is dragged into a world of espionage and violence where state and family secrets intertwine. Armed only with his extraordinary analytical skills, Peter may just discover that his biggest weakness is his greatest strength.

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