Books & Signed Editions by Tanya Landman

Tanya Landman Winner of the Carnegie MedalCarnegie Medal winning Tanya Landman is the author of more than thirty books for children and young adults. As a child, Tanya used to spend a lot of time up trees (with a skipping rope tied around her waist), hoping to turn into a monkey. She spent the rest of the time rescuing snails, righting beetles and burying the birds that the cat brought home.

As an adult Tanya studied for a degree in English Literature at Liverpool University before working in a bookshop, an arts centre and a zoo. Since 1992 Tanya has been part of Storybox Theatre working as a writer, administrator and performer – a job which has taken her to festivals all over the world.

About writing, Tanya says it's the best job ever – being allowed to spend hours staring into space, daydreaming... and meeting young readers at her school events.

Tanya lives in Devon with her two sons. Follow on Twitter: @tanya_landman

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