(PRE-ORDER) TYGER - 1st Ed. Hardback, DOUBLE SIGNED by SF Said & Dave McKean | Out 6 October 2022!

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First Edition Hardback, DOUBLE SIGNED by SF Said & Dave McKean

The long-awaited TYGER is coming Thursday, 6 October, 2022!! 

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In a strange alternate world, where the British Empire has never ended, a young boy called Adam has uncovered something incredible in a rubbish dump in London.  A mysterious, mythical, magical animal.  A TYGER...

“I believe Tyger is my best book so far.  I wanted to write a story even more exciting than Varjak Paw, and even more ambitious than Phoenix.  It’s taken me nine long, hard years to do it but I am thrilled to be publishing it at last this year – the Year of the Tiger!” – SF Said

David Fickling Books has landed Tyger, the fourth novel from SF Said, marking the return of his partnership with illustrator Dave McKean.

Commissioning editor Rosie Fickling said:

“Tyger isn’t just a book, it’s a gateway into another world.  A world where we all have sparks, hidden powers, inside of us.  It’s the kind of book where you start to wonder: What if? Could it be? 
"I’ve had the privilege of immersing myself in this story with SF throughout the editorial process and I can’t wait to see the same light in readers’ eyes that I feel in me now.  After reading, I hope they also find themselves increasingly noticing the world around them, looking more closely at a flower, at a grain of sand – and perhaps, every time they smell honeysuckle, hopefully whispering ’Is the Tyger nearby?’”

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