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Author Guy Jones has started an unstoppable creative wave amongst primary school children! 

For the launch of his second novel, The Fire Maker, Guy Jones visited primary schools across London in June and talked to Years 4 - 6 about how to start a story: the secrets of creating engaging characters and new worlds... And he ignited imaginations far and wide.

Blue Gate Fields Junior School ran a Creative Writing competition based on Jones' launch event and below you can read the scintillating winning entry...

Winning entry by Ramla Mirire Year 5 Class 7

The Girl Named ‘Poop’

Hello, my so-called name is ‘Poop’, and this is my story. 

Earth is a planet of beauty, or so it was. From a mysterious black hole emerged a fleet of cyborgs ready to set up their planet. Astronomers discovered their ship on course to Earth. They evacuated as many people as possible and took them to the nearest habitable planet, Mars, and it’s my new home.

Anyway, yes, about the cyborgs. They tortured the people and used them as slaves, and found every piece of metal hidden on the earth and covered the entire planet in metal. It’s Planet Cyborg.

I have many black and white pictures from a long time ago. I miss Earth and I wanted to keep the memory alive, but other people don’t seem so sympathetic. An old lady knocked on the door, and she looked awfully familiar, and I said, “Do I know you?” She replied by saying “Yes”. 

“Urrm, are you a long lost relative who escaped the furious fist of the cyborgs?” She said no to every question, despite the fact that they were quite reasonable. Then she said, the old lady who is severely wrinkled with various folds and creases, “I am you”.

I stood there with my mouth gawping at her. She explained that she is from the future but a different dimension, “And I know that you don’t age in this dimension, but I do. So, I have come to take your youth”.

I ran to an abandoned missile silo and found a ship. I had made my mind up to voyage to Cyborg Earth …

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