Budgets & Timing Guide

Costs for Author / Illustrator events can run from free to very expensive.  All Authors and Illustrators have their own fee schedules and event criteria so your costs will depend on whom you choose. (Cross-curricular events and multi-school events are both excellent ways to share budgets with other departments or with other schools!)

As a rough guide, live, in-person sessions typically run as follows (virtual visits can be less expensive):

Single session from £250 - £350+

Half day (2 sessions) £350 - £450+

Full day (3 - 5 sessions) £450 - £650+

Extra Costs: Travel expenses, accommodation and VAT may also apply on top, depending on Author / Illustrator.

Book Sales and Signing are always included with our events at no extra cost – these form part of the event criteria.

Time Allowance (not including book signing): most events KS2 and up require approximately 45 - 60 minutes minimum; Early Years and KS1 only require about 20 - 45 minutes. Extra time is required for book signing, which can often be held after the sessions or after school. 

COVID-19 Safety: face-to-face book signings have been suspended until further notice.  We have various remote options available that still deliver personalised book(s) without risking anyone's heath!  Please ask for further details...

We we always do our utmost to fit in with your school’s needs while meeting the Author’s / Illustrator’s event criteria so everyone can get the greatest benefit from our events.


We look forward to eventing with you soon!

In the meantime, if you have any other questions, please just give us a shout! (Email is best as we are often out and about at events away from the phone.)

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